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FaunAI Introduction

FaunAI is a platform that combines artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to bring a magical creature called "FaunAI" to the digital world. With FaunAI, users can create and design their own unique FaunAI and mint it on the blockchain using FaunAI tokens (FAI). The minting process involves a small fee in FAI tokens, 50% of which will be burnt, decreasing the overall supply and potentially increasing the value of remaining tokens.
The FaunAI community offers a variety of ways for users to interact and engage with their FaunAIs, such as trading, collecting, using as in-game currency, or displaying as NFT items. The project also has a unique language for FaunAI called "Faunish", which makes it more interactive and fun to use.
Revenue generated from NFT sales will be used for a buyback and burn of FAI tokens, which can potentially increase the value of the remaining tokens. By reducing the overall supply, the FaunAI team is demonstrating their commitment to maintaining the stability and value of the token, which can increase the confidence of token holders.
-Those who buy the $FAI pre-sale will be entitled to automatically receive Fauna NFT and will be sent to their wallets. 50% of the $FAI sold will be burned for the NFT price. In the pre-sale, 25% of the total supply will be burned.
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